Do you comfort eat?

Do you crave food?

Do you eat a whole tub of ice cream and then feel bad about yourself?

Do you lose weight on a strict diet, only to put it on again?

Do you want a better relationship with food?

Do you want a better relationship with yourself?

I have been there

I was overweight as a child and yoyo dieted through my teens and twenties.

I craved chips, feared clothes shopping, and looking at photos of myself made me feel sick.

I now never diet and eat healthily without trying because I have a better relationship with myself.

You can too.

You can fit into your “thin jeans” every day.

We guide you through 6- or 12-week programmes.

We start with an in-depth health, behaviour and mindset assessment so we can discover your unique weight gain triggers.

Discover why you comfort eat and crave food.

We co-create a health and mindset training plan just for you.

Weekly consultations support you to make healthy changes, retrain your mind and smash any roadblocks in your way.

We teach you the knowledge and skills you need to build a better relationship with yourself.

This means you can lose weight stress-free and without strict diets.

You can maintain a healthy weight without dieting. I can show you how.

Why I can help you

I have 17 years' experience as a health scientist at the University of Cambridge.

In the UK and USA, I have helped over 2000 children, teenagers and adults to improve their diet, get active and lose weight.

I have written more than 75 research papers and have appeared on TV and radio talking about health behaviour.

I was overweight as a child. I was never picked in PE and couldn't wear the clothes my friends did as they didn't make them in my size.

I always wondered why my slim friends didn't struggle with their weight when I did. I wanted to find the answer so I dedicated my life to studying weight loss so I could find the solution for others and myself.

After yoyo dieting through my teens and twenties I worked out the real reasons for my weight gain. Then I lost the weight for good.

My weight was controlling me. I worked out how my emotions were making me eat so I could stop the cycle. I built a better relationship with myself so I no longer needed to block out my feelings with food.

I now share what I have learnt to help others escape from the cycle of yoyo dieting.

I work with people who have had life-long battles with their weight. I help them finally find and tackle the real reasons for their weight gain, and build a better relationship with themselves, so they can lose weight for good.

I also teach parents to help their child lose weight easily, safely and without strict diets. You can save your child from a lifetime of yoyo dieting. What you do to help your child now, benefits them for their whole life.

Read more about my story here.
6-week Kickstart Programme

Free 45-minute consultation to set your goals

Mindset, diet, activity, sleep and screen analysis

Co-design a unique programme just for you

Report on the hidden causes of your weight gain and a plan to reverse them

Six 50-minute transformation sessions (one per week) with Kirsten so you can:
See progress every week
Adapt your programme to suit your needs
Smash any roadblocks standing in your way

6 weekly (1 per week for 6 weeks) tailored health plans and mindset exercises designed for your likes and dislikes and focusing on your specific needs. Each week we develop these based on your progress so far

Sessions include the roles of emotions, stress and listening in weight loss. Learn how this applies to you

Stress reduction techniques tailored for you

Resources designed for your health needs and preferences

BONUS Follow-up one-to-one session (worth £50) approximately 3-months after enrolment

Please note that due to coronavirus, consultations currently take place via video call

Get 10% off for paying the total programme cost in advance: £350 value for £270. Cancel at anytime and receive a refund for any unused sessions.

Email to receive the booking link or phone +44 (0)7592 125077 to book.
Hear more about training your mind to lose weight without dieting
Some things we would like to clarify
Dr Kirsten Keighley is a Health Consultant, Health Coach and a doctor by research (PhD), not a licensed medical doctor or licensed primary care provider.
As we co-create tailored health solutions with our clients, the information we give you can only be based on what information you share with us. Therefore, we cannot guarantee the outcome of any contacts or consultations.

To get the most out of our programmes, we ask clients to communicate honestly and to dedicate the time and energy to participate fully in our programmes. 

The knowledge and information that we share is for informational purposes only. You are responsible for deciding to share this knowledge, act on this knowledge or make any lifestyle changes for yourself and/or your family as a result of our consultations and any information we provide. 

Health consultancy is not therapy and does not prevent, cure, or treat any mental disorder or medical disease. 

Please check with your GP or other medical doctor before making any health-related changes for yourself or your family based on our conversations or any information that we provide. Information that we provide should not be used in any way that contradicts advice or treatment from a medical professional.
Are you also worried about your child's weight?

We also work with Mums, Dads, step-parents and other carers who are worried about their child's weight.

Read more about our child weight loss programmes here.

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There are usually hidden causes for weight gain
I have learnt how to find and reverse them
I can help you find the ones for you
...and you can reverse them for good

Hear from people who have worked with me...

"Thank you very very much for your support and I really enjoyed working with you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH"

- From Cambridge, UK
"Brilliant. It is doable and sustainable and I feel a lot better."

- From South Wales, UK
"Thank you so much for all your support! I have really loved it because of your great guidance and thoughtful advice."

- From Texas, USA
"You are amazing. I have absolutely cherished my time working with you."

- From Norwich, UK

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