Being a New Mum

Being a new Mum can be lonely.

Everything is suddenly so different. Even things that were simple before having a baby, like leaving the house, can be terrifying.

Nothing can prepare you for being a Mum.

After having children, I didn't know who I was anymore. I didn't recognise myself or my feelings. It didn't help that I put on 3 stone after having each of my children I didn't think I would ever fit back into my pre-baby clothes or my pre-baby life. I did and you can too.

I wanted someone to help me lose the baby weight safely while I had to sit on the sofa and feed for 12 hours a day. 

It was hard enough managing my weight without a baby to look after.

Being a new Mum was lonely. I wanted someone to talk to about my birth trauma and the changes to my body who would understand and not judge me.

I wanted someone who wouldn't mind if my baby needed a feed or whether me or my baby started crying.

I desperately wanted to know how to adjust to this new life when everything was suddenly so different.

As a health scientist at Cambridge University for 17 years, I worked with over 2000 children and adults to improve health and wellbeing. I also published on the impact of becoming a parent on weight gain and diet.

When I had a baby, I needed to learn how to be healthy all over again.

I provide new Mums with the support they need to lose the baby weight safely while helping make life feel a little bit easier. 

Our sessions

I provide phone, online and in-person weight-loss support and coaching (location and Covid-dependent) to Mums from birth onwards.

Everyone gets a phone session free to see if I am the right person to support you.
Don't worry...

You can have your baby with you and it doesn't matter if you need to change a nappy or feed.

It is absolutely fine if you or your baby start crying.

You can talk about anything, I have probably been there!

You can still lose weight if you need to sit and feed for 12 hours a day.


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Hear from people who have worked with me...

"Thank you very very much for your support and I really enjoyed working with you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH"

- From Cambridge, UK
"Brilliant. It is doable and sustainable and I feel a lot better."

- From South Wales, UK
"Thank you so much for all your support! I have really loved it because of your great guidance and thoughtful advice."

- From Texas, USA
"You are amazing. I have absolutely cherished my time working with you."

- From Norwich, UK

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