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Your first consultation it is FREE. We do this so we can check whether we are the right fit to help you.

When booking, we ask you some screening questions. This is so that we can jump straight into focus on your main issues when we speak. 

Please answer these questions as openly and honestly as you can.

Before we accept your application for a free consultation, and confirm your appointment, we will review your responses to these questions.

We value your time and we reserve the right to cancel any appointments if we do not think we can help in your specific circumstances. In this case we will do our best to advise you of another source of help.
What happens during the phone call?

We will phone you at the booked time using the phone number you provide.

We will have reviewed your answers to the screening questions and we may ask clarifying questions.

We will ask you more about you or your child to find out how we can best help.

We will discuss your health goals.

Based on the phone call and the answers provided to the screening questions, we will provide you with tailored advice to weight loss.

Then we will then ask you if you want to hear about our one-to-one 6- and 12- week programmes. This is optional. There is no obligation. If you don't want to hear about them then the call can end there.

If you are interested in working with us further then we will discuss the available programmes with you.

Learn your 4-step weight loss solution 

1. Find the hidden causes of weight gain

2. Create the solution that works for you

3. Make the right healthy changes
4. Learn how to make these changes last

The solution differs for everyone but usually includes:

Diet * Activity * Screens * Sleep * Stress * Listening * Emotions

Get ready to DAZZLE

Are you ready to finally lose weight for good?

If you can answer YES to these questions, then we can help you:
  • Do you want to lose weight?
  • Will you try your best?
  • Will you be honest?

If yes, then book your free no obligation consultation Kirsten now and start transforming your health today.

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