TV Consultancy

I consulted for KEO Productions for the BBC1 series 100 Ways to Live Well with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall and Steph McGovern. Photo from BBC One.

TV and radio appearances

I have appeared in TV on BBC Breakfast and Sky News and was interviewed live on radio for BBC Radio 4 “The Today Programme”, BBC 5 Live, 
BBC Humberside, Ulster, Coventry and Warwickshire, Wiltshire, Shropshire, Cambridge, Nottingham and Oxford

These were about m
y research into how screen time is linked to lower GCSE grades

You can watch my interview on the BBC News website here.
Expert Commentary
I have provided expert commentary to the Science Media Centre on screen time and cognition in children. I appeared on BBC World Service discussing sleep, exercise and screen time in children.

I was also quoted in this BBC News online article and at CNN.


The Conversation

You can can read my Conversation article about children's screen time physical activity and GCSE grades here.

You can also read this in French.
I have written over 75 scientific research papers and have been featured in the press as an expert on health behaviours
For academic work I use my maiden name Dr Kirsten Corder

You can see my list of scientific publications here.

Binge Eating Therapy

I specialise in eating disorders and have 17 years’ experience as a behaviour change and obesity prevention scientist at Cambridge University. I’ve been there and I get it, and now support people with binge eating, emotional eating, weight loss struggles, and bulimia.
I help clients discover and take charge of their hidden eating triggers and transform their relationship with food. Sessions often focus on getting freedom from constant thoughts about food and weight and escaping the cycle of yo-yo dieting and weight gain. Gain understanding about what has prevented you from recovery in the past so you can overcome that, and live life without restriction or bingeing.
I combine counselling, to understand and overcome emotional barriers, with the strategies and tools of health coaching. The combination of counselling and coaching is powerful for making lasting change.
Discover your hidden eating triggers

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