I help busy people exhausted by obsessive thoughts about food take control of eating and lose weight for good
Find Freedom from Binge Eating

It is exhausting constantly thinking about food.

It is frustrating knowing what you should do, but not being able to do it.

I regularly binged throughout my teens and twenties. I had no control. I felt alone and judged. I wanted to feel ‘normal’. I know what it is like to feel powerless over food.

I escaped binge eating, and I know how wonderful it feels to be free.

Find out how you can escape binge eating with 1:1 coaching.
Escape Emotional Eating

It is frustrating trying different diets, but the weight always going back on. It can feel like you're destined to be overweight.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

Find out how you can find freedom from emotional eating and lose weight for good with 1:1 coaching.
About Dr Kirsten Keighley

I have 17 years’ experience, including as a Senior Scientist at the University of Cambridge Centre for Diet and Activity Research. I have helped thousands of people improve their diet, physical activity, wellbeing and to lose weight.

As an expert in health behaviour, I have appeared on BBC Breakfast and have consulted for TV programmes including Easy Ways to Live Well with Steph McGovern and Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall on BBC1.

As an overweight child and someone who emotionally ate and yo-yo dieted through my teens and twenties, I know that eating issues are complicated and can't be fixed with normal diets. I developed a unique 6-step system which finds and heals the hidden causes of eating issues. By retraining your mind, it is possible to have a healthy relationship with food and be free from constant thoughts about eating. I know how wonderful it feels to be free from obsession with food. I can help you to escape too.

Everyone has different causes of their eating issues and weight struggles. In 1:1 online sessions, I combine behaviour change science, coaching, psychology and counselling skills to help you find and tackle the hidden triggers of your weight-related issues so you can escape from yo-yo dieting and find freedom from emotional eating.

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Programmes and Prices

Our one-to-one coaching programmes are like no other eating programme, diet or weight loss strategy.

We tackle the root causes of binge and emotional eating to stop them for good. Diets don't do that. That is why they don't work for long.

Not only is this method unique, it is also unique to you.

I don’t tell you what to do, I help you find your own solutions. I guide you to realise why life has stopped you being able to do it before. 

You probably already know what you 'should' do, you just can't seem to do it. I help you to find the solution that is already within yourself.

You have the power to completely revolutionise your relationship with food and with yourself.

You can be free from always thinking about food.

I know what it is like to be controlled by food, and I know how wonderful it is to be free

Find freedom from food with one-to-one online diet and mindset coaching.

We tailor our 6-step system for you in one-to-one online coaching sessions so you can:

Stop emotional eating in it's tracks to lose weight healthily. 

Keep the weight off by retraining your mind to make sure you stop emotional eating for good.

The 6-step system:

A – Awareness. Understand the hidden thoughts and feelings causing you to yo-yo diet and emotionally eat.

B – Break the cycle. Conquer food cravings as they happen with our simple strategies.

C – Choose. Easily choose the healthy option without feeling deprived with our easy tricks.

D – Deeper reasons. Discover and heal the root causes of weight and eating issues for a healthy relationship with food and with yourself.

E – Empowerment. Seize your control and willpower so that you will never self-sabotage again.

F – Fun. Enjoy being healthy so it is the obvious choice, we show you how.

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Book Your First Session

I offer 1:1 coaching in convenient online 50-minute sessions. 

Together, we design a programme unique to you, to tackle the root causes of binge or emotional eating and stop them for good.

Appropriate programme lengths differ for everyone based on history, circumstances and aspirations. Many people completing our programmes make lasting change in just 12 weeks.

You can find freedom from food. It feels fantastic to be free.

Your first session is only £30, with no obligation.

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Discover Your Hidden Eating Triggers
Discover your hidden eating triggers and start transforming your mindset with our step-by-step guide.

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How to Stop Binge and Emotional Eating
The mind is powerful and although our mind controls us, we can also control our mind. If you keep telling yourself you can't stop bingeing, then that is what your mind thinks, it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. To stop bingeing, you need to realise that you can do it. It sounds simple but often it is not.

Find out how to stop binge and emotional eating.

Learn tips and tricks to stop binge eating:

Hear from people who have worked with me...

"Kirsten supported me through a really difficult time when I was using binge-eating to avoid feelings around a relatively new diagnosis of multiple sclerosis. My binge-eating had a seriously negative impact on my mental health, self-esteem and relationships. With Kirsten’s help and expertise, I finally have my life back and it changed my life. I cannot thank her enough and fully recommend her services. Thank you Kirsten."

 - From England
"Thank you very very much for your support and I really enjoyed working with you. THANK YOU VERY MUCH"

- From Cambridge, UK

"Brilliant. It is doable and sustainable and I feel a lot better."

- From South Wales, UK
"Thank you so much for all your support! I have really loved it because of your great guidance and thoughtful advice."

- From Texas, USA

"You are amazing. I have absolutely cherished my time working with you."

- From Norwich, UK

Discover your hidden eating triggers

Start transforming your mindset with our step-by-step guide and weekly tips-and-tricks.

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Scope of Practice

I have 17 years' experience, including as Senior Scientist researching health behaviours at the University of Cambridge Centre for Diet and Activity Research. I am a Health Coach who qualified from the Institute of Transformation Nutrition (ITN), and a Member of the UK Health Coaches Association. I am trained in counselling skills.

This is the ITN scope of practice: Diet • Lifestyle and lifestyle improvements • Attitude and thinking • Stress management • Empowerment • Education on supplementation relative to the health issue(s) • Prevention of disease • Promotion of health • Supporting healing from illness • Increasing the body’s ability to heal itself through nutrition and supportive practices • Help clients change behaviors that contribute to poor health • Help clients with other factors contributing to poor health such as: previously diagnosed illnesses, biochemical imbalances, toxicities, and nutritional deficiencies • Education on the benefits of whole foods • Underlying issues contributing to the problem • Support education based upon the most up to date research and knowledge in nutrition, psychology, and spirituality

Click here to view the UKHCA Scope of Practice: https://www.ukhealthcoaches.com/scope-of-practice

Dr Kirsten Keighley

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